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Our friendly Pembroke Mall staff is always ready to help you have a truly exceptional shopping experience here at Pembroke Mall.

General Manager
Mark Sandy
757-497-6255 Ext. 227
Email Mark Sandy

Director of Operations/Security
Mark Sandy
757-497-6255 Ext. 223
Email Mark Sandy

Vice President of Marketing
Mary Stott
757-497-6255 Ext. 224
Email Mary Stott

Specialty Leasing
Shelby Sherman
757-497-6255 Ext. 222
Email Shelby Sherman

Executive Administrator
Joan Williams
757-497-6255 Ext. 226
Email Joan Williams 

Assistant Director of Security
Ray Pettrey
Email Ray Pettrey

Marketing and Social Media Specialist 
Melissa Walski
757-497-6255 Ext. 225
Email Melissa Walski

Permanent Leasing
Francie Connelly
Email Francie Connelly