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Zumba® Kids Club featuring Newman Fitness

January Kids Club 2017

Join us Saturday, February 3rd, from 11am-12:45pm, for our monthly Kids Club event featuring Zumba® Kids by SweeTee of NewMan Fitness, located in the Target Wing. 

Zumba® Kids is crafted to encourage kids to combine movement, music, community and a healthy lifestyle for children. This special event blends fitness and dancing with kid-friendly choreography! Giving children an outlet to jump, dance, shake, and swing their hips- it's the perfect recipe for fitness fun! 

Event Timeline- 
11am-11:30am: Craft Time
11:30am-12pm: Zumba® Kids Session
12pm-12:30pm: Craft Time 
12:30-1pm: Zumba® Kids Session

For kids 12 and under. Adult supervision required for all ages. While supplies last.